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Thank you for your interest in Creeks of Legacy Homeowners Association. If you need additional information that wasn't available on our website, have questions about the homeowners association and area, or need to contact our property management company, please feel free to use the information provided below.

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Property Management:

    Essex Association Management L.P.
    Association Manager
    Office: 972-428-2030

    1512 Crescent Drive, Suite #112
    Carrollton, TX 75006
    Fax: 469-342-8205
    After Hours Emergency Line: 1-888-740-2233
    If you have an emergency and need immediate help, please Dial 911

Association Dues

Essex HOA - Pay Your Dues Online
Essex HOA - Pay Your Dues Online
Essex HOA Management - Pay Your Dues Online

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Creeks of Legacy HOA Board of Directors

    Director Ryan Tubbs
    Director Jessica Bunn

Creeks of Legacy HOA Committee

    Social Commitee

    Sue Hollenbeck
    Jessica Bunn
    Lexy Elmer
    Tori Petite
    Lizette Leos
    Cherise Hubbard
    Ryan McSweeny
    Tyrone Buskey
    Kim Drost
    Jordan Hansen
    Amy Cho
    Cristina Kargozar
    Karim Kargozar
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